Sunday, 17 August 2014

You know it's weekend when

It's Weekend!!!

Of all the many thousands of things that make us humans happy on this planet Earth, perhaps the most pervasive, the most popular the most desired of all is The Weekend. 

We spend most of the week days thinking about the impending happiness,

and even though we might have to take some work home with us, 

we can barely contain our excitement when we catch the first whiff of it's arrival. 

And arrive it always does. And the nicest thing is that when it does arrive, you can tell it go away for a while and come back later, preferably bearing the enticing aroma of bacon and eggs

or the little dog arrives first.

Two days of unrestricted, joyous, glorious relaxation ...

It's a time when some balance can be achieved and equanimity restored 

but some responsibilities just cannot be neglected,

nor should healthy exercise be ignored.

But time always flies, so just let it....

Sometimes Sunday happily - oh so happily  -

is not the end...

But if it is, the wisdom of the ancients can help us cope with the dismal thought of Monday

A final solution is, however, urgently needed:


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