Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Job handicaps

Spare a thought for the poor Agrostologist who suffers from hay fever or the bewildered armpit sniffer who does not nose what she is doing.

There are perhaps some other, as yet unrecognised impairments that may restrict others from achieving peak performance in their jobs, such as:

A cardiac surgeon who isn't vain
A dentist who doesn't know the drill
A proctoligist who isn't behind on his work
A tribologist who rubs people up the wrong way
An electrician wearing shorts
A ham-fisted Jewish butcher
A highly strung funambulist
A milliner who is not a mad hatter
A wealthy baker who does not need the dough
A French executioner who heads off in the wrong direction
A pervicacious chiropodist who will not face defeat
A prestidigitationist with a heavy hand


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