Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Cadbury replies...

Cadbury has answered my letter regarding perceived structural, epistemological and marketing flaws in the television advert for their new re-sealable chocolate wrapping.

I wrote:

They replied:

RE: Advertisement for Re-sealable chocolate packaging        (19/09/2012)

Dear Craig,

Many thanks for your feedback, we appreciate all consumer comments and take them very seriously.

The re-sealable packaging innovation is in-line with current South Africa consumer trends which shows consumers are constantly seeking new experiences beyond the product. We are thrilled to hear that you enjoy your Cadbury Dairy Milk slab in one sitting, however many consumers do wish to tuck away their special chocolate treat to enjoy it for longer.

With regards to the TV commercial, an aesthetic creative decision was made to make the brand name on the blocks of chocolate more visible.

Thanks once again for your feedback we hope that you will continue to be an avid Cadbury Dairy Milk Fan.

With warm regards,

Melanie Lush
Promotions & Events Coordinator

Kraft Foods South Africa
18 Harrowdene Office Park
Kelvin Drive, Woodmead
Sandton 2191
Private Bag X44
Gallo Manor 2052
South Africa


Only one question still remains (or, actually two):

(1) What, Dear Blog Reader (and assumed chocolate eater), are the new kinds of experiences that you, the consumer, are seeking “beyond the product”, and can these experiences surpass consumption of the actual product itself (the chocolate)?

(2) What other things can empty resealable chocolate wrappers be used for, apart from storing false teeth?


  1. That does seem weird. I don’t think packaging was what those consumers meant when they said they wanted to experience something new. Haha! Nice try, though.

    For the sake of argument, let’s say people don’t actually eat the bars in one sitting and store them. How does that affect the quality of the chocolate if there was already air inside with the chocolate? And how different would it be to just fold the edges up so the chocolate is not exposed? Or, you know, just putting it in the fridge. Questions to ponder on. XD

    Clay @ World Packaging

    1. Thanks for the useful comments. I think a full research project is called for.